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Wasted Wine's Haunted Object Emporium

Wasted Wine Vs. The Hypnosis Center (CD)

Wasted Wine Vs. The Hypnosis Center (CD)

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Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center takes listeners on a mind-bending trip through a surreal, decaying alternate-reality American South. An aural collage of gloom and humor, elegance and off-kilter sensibilities, home recordings and found sounds, Wasted Wine‘s album will change your perception of what is possible from a small-town recording project in the Deep South. The vaguely conceptual album doubles as an oblique commentary on the band’s experience with the music industry.

We are proud to present Wasted Wine vs. The Hypnosis Center digitally and in a limited edition of pro-dubbed and imprinted purple tint cassette tapes. The first edition package comes with a special Hypnosis Center slipcover that includes hypnosis therapy instructions.
Recorded our damn selves in Greenville, SC 2012-14.
Released February 17, 2015 

Robert Gowan
Adam Murphy
Robert Buckingham
Lou Buckingham
and Jane Kemp
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